Does Mavericks Hint at Smaller Devices Coming?

in macOS edited January 2014
Before Apple introduced the iPad their OS X Snow Leopard focused on slimming down and speeding up the OS. They removed things like language packs, drivers, and significantly shrunk some applications.

It seems to me that Mavericks is taking the same path. Mavericks core features don't grab headlines. But Mavericks advanced features are interestingly focused on battery life and performance, two important, albeit less sexy, features of an OS.

To me, the focus on battery and performance tweaks all but confirms we'll soon see smaller, lighter devices that use slower CPU's from Apple (Duh, it's Apple of course they'll have smaller lighter devices). But I'm talking really small, and really light, and far less CPU dependent... AKA wearables.

Should be interesting which way they go with wearables...

Oh, also, someone please explain to me what the hell Lynch has anything to do with wearables?? I don't see it. To me, he's not there for iWatch, he's there for iCloud. Help bring their pro apps to iCloud just like he did with Adobe. My two cents... Lynch and iWatch is a smoke screen.
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