Partitioning Hard Drive so both PC and Mac can read / write

in macOS edited January 2014

So my method has worked before, but my hard drive died a month later. I'm just not sure if it died because of gradual fade through the method or because of poor care-taking.


Here's what I did though:


1. (On my PC) I formatted my Hard Drive then I used a program called Aomei Partition Assistant to partition my Hard Drive into two separate partitions. The first part stayed as NTFS, the second didn't matter.


2. I then connected the Hard Drive to my MacBook Pro (Mountain Lion) and opened up Disk Utility. I used Disk Utility to format the second partition of the drive to be Mac OS Extended (Journaled).


Whatever I had on the Windows machine, I'd save on the NTFS partition, and vise versa for my Mac.


NOW... I'm wondering if this method is safe or is it just going to kill my drives every time I do this... ?


I bought myself a WD 1TB My Passport (External) Hard Drive and I want to know if this method is safe.

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