Internet Connection Sharing over Airport

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Ok my wife's 12" powerbook should be here in the morning, it will have a Airport extreme card in it. I have also ordered a normal airport card for my imac, which should be here tomorrow also. I sorta need to wait for a month to get a base station. My question is can I set up some sort of internet connection sharing between the normal airport card and an extreme airport card? The iMac is running 10.2.3 and has a DSL connection. Can someone list the steps I will need to follow to set this up, if it will work?


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    i believe this could be done in MacOS 9. It was very straightforward... i.e. a check box that said "use this mac as a base station" or something to that effect.

    For OS X, I have no idea.

    So, if you boot your Mac into OS 9, you can make your computer into a base station as well, yes.

    I dont have Airport so cant help you too much
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    I'm not sure about this, but I THINK you can set up a small "network" between 2 computers using airport without a base station (I KNOW you can do this with a base station).

    If that is true, then you can go to the "Sharing" prefs pane and enable internet connection sharing and you'd be all set ... this is not the same as the OS 9 software base station, but should be a good interim fix.
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    I host an airport network from my IMac running 10.2.3. you set it up in the sharing preferences pane. You will need an adapter for your airpor card because the Imac physical configuration is screwy. Also, internet sharing must be reenabled at each restart of the Imac. there are some ways around this, but they require a bit of mucking in the terminal.

    I log on from my TiBook all the time, and it works great.
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