Kernal panic at boot - anyone help me decipher?

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My pismo has just got back from being repaired. They had put a new HD in, and installed OS 9.2. So I dig out my old copies of MacOS X, and painstakingly install 10.0. Then I upgrade to 10.1. Then I'm in the middle of upgrading to 10.2 when a problem happens.

I leave the machine installing, and come back a bit later to find a kernal panic splashed over the happy mac. Having a happy mac is a bit strange, because it was only on CD 1 and if I'm not mistaken it should have asked for CD 2 before rebooting. Anyway, this kernal panic appears each time I boot, whether it's off a CD or the hard disk.

I've not tried booting from a 9 disk, I will when I find one. If I hold the option key down, I get the disk select screen, but as soon as I select the disk the same thing happens.

Any help? I think I'm just going to persuade the insurance company to buy me a new 12" powerbook if this isn't easily fixable...



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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    Did you try zapping the PRAM? Reboot, and hold down

    Command + Option + P + R

    all at the same time. It should reboot itself. Let it reboot three times and see if that helps. it still may not want to boot off the hard drive but it shouldn't be having any problems booting off a CD.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    the first line is most interesting....
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