External Firewire Hard drive recommendations?

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I want to get a firewire hard drive that runs at 7200RPM and has 60GB or more. I would like to know what recommendations you guys have. Thanks


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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    You can buy an external Firewire hard drive enclosure, and then buy any kind of hard drive you want for it. That will probably be cheaper than buying a pre-built external FW HD anyway.
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    do you have any recommendations for brand of enclosure? Or the brand of internal hard drive? Thanks.
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    i have a LaCie external 80GB firewire and it is without doubt the best ext hard disk i have ever had or seen.

    set up - no problem

    the coolest thing IMHO is when i close my laptop, the HD goes to sleep too.

    it's silent and fast... oh and it has a really nice blue light (very HAL9000-esk) on the front for those (me) who like such things.
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    Just curious about a particular brand, Maxtor. Do they make good internal hard drives?

    I am also thinking of getting the Lacie, but the WD one is faster, I think.
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    I've had good luck with both Maxtor and WD FW drives. But, lately I've been buying my external drives from <a href="http://www.transintl.com"; target="_blank">transintl.com</a>. Decent prices, FireWire/USB 2/1.1 (combo) interfaces, and I personally like the look of them:

    I've also bought drives and FW enclosures seperately and put them together myself, but, by buying this way you might save 10 bucks, but also might have to go through the trauma of figuring out if it's a screwed drive or enclosure if something goes *boink*.

    [oh yea, they've also got a cool little blue 'HAL' light on top too ]

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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Hey, I have one of those little babies!

    It's been taken to bits more times than I care to remember, since I have piles of hard drives I, um "acquired" round here that get used for various backup/archiving/storage/emergency booting purposes. Currently it has the 20GB Western Digital thing that was originally in my Cube inside, but I bought it with a 40GB since that was actually cheaper than buying the two separately. Maybe I'll get a 120GB one...
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