Why do I have to reset my cable modem all the time?

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I have a RoadRunner ISP account. I have a RR provided 3Com cable modem (10 BaseT). I have a Snow Airport Base Station (Which gets a WAN-side DHCP address from RR, which usually is the same number, I have had the same IP number for months without it expiring)

The ABS is running NAT inside my LAN with an Asante 10/100 switch connected. On the switch/hub I have 2 Macs:

1) A beige G3 333 running OS X Server 10.2.3. The G3 has a hard-coded IP ( and is connected via a 10 BaseT port. I am run basic AFP services sometimes. Nothing fancy. No DHCP, No DNS. No SMB/CIFS. No Open Directory. No FTP. No Apache.

2) A TiBook 667 running OS X 10.2.3, connected via either the 10/100 NIC or via Airport (configured via the ABS DHCP to get a 10..0.1.2 - lease).

Once a day (at least) I am forced to reset my modem. I find that if I leave my Mac for an extended period of time (a few minutes or several hours, it doen't matter) I am dropped. Even if I keep net services running when I leave (like iChat or Game Ranger) I return to see that everything is dropped.

Note: I do have a screensaver set to activate after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Is it my Mac (a BSD thing, maybe my screensaver, or other services)?

Is it RR screwing with me since I have a "mini network"?

Is it my ABS? Its configged very basically. I have tweeked but to no avail.

Is it my NAT?

Is it the 3Com modem?

Is it my Asante switch?

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    I have a similar problem with my linksys router, but all it does is timeout inactive tcp/ip connections. I have not had any luck fixing it but maybe this info will help you track down your problem.
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    I have roadrunner also connected to airport. One wired iMac and wireless ibook. I find that the ibook never has a problem with keeping an IP from the base station. As soon as I bring it home and type my wep pass its cool. However, if I leave my iMac alone and wake it up it takes about 10 seconds to get an IP again. But after that its cool. Have you tried waiting a little longer? Or do you just go straight for the cable modems power cord?
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    [quote]Originally posted by trailmaster308:

    <strong>Have you tried waiting a little longer? Or do you just go straight for the cable modems power cord?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Netx time I will test it and see. I will wait a few seconds and see if it comes back to life. I usually am impatient and go right for the power cord!

    Its not like my ABS isn't dishing out IPs properly. My client Macs all keep their 10.x.x.x IPs with no problem. I assume its how my ABS talks to RR. It must be a timeout issue.

    I wish there was an app or a cron script out there to send "keep alive" signals.
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    If you want you can log onto my mud, I have it set up so that it sends a telnet are you there request once a minute.

    Just open terminal and type telnet arcadia.lpmud.com 4000 you will be asked for a name just enter the name you use on here (all lower case) then enter a password then enter it again. Basic commands: look, say, quit, who

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    I had a problem like that with mine. I'd bet it's a bad signal on their end.
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