Adobe undertakes some of the slimiest software installation tactics I've ever seen.

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I'm downloading flash. Adobe hides a checkbox in what looks like an ad, and checks it on my behalf:


I'm disgusted.


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    ireland wrote: »
    I'm downloading flash.

    There's your first problem. :lol:
    I'm disgusted.

    I can't stand it when any site ticks boxes for me. Of course, they learned it from Windows' software install practices. Click next, there's a box already ticked to put a shortcut on your desktop. You untick the box. Continue. It still puts one there. :no::mad:

    This, however, is particularly egregious; you're right. Though I don't see it at all. Maybe my extensions block it somehow...

    At least Apple's automatically ticked boxes don't stop you from just ignoring the e-mail field entirely and downloading anyway. That's how it should be.
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