next gen graphics and MacOS X' Aqua

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
uhm, now Apple isn't doing much hardware acceleration in Aqua and many people (including myself) cry "use OpenGL for it!".

now I imagine Apples bunch of engineers are not the dumbest kind of folks (maybe a bit confused) and since Apple most likely knew about ATIs and NVidias plans for the vertex and pixel shaders well before the general public I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, Apple is waiting deliberately with the hardware acceleration. it wouldn't make a lot of sense to "port" Aqua to OpenGL when OpenGL will soon hit 2.0 and most modern graphic cards will support a shading language (most likely OpenGL 2.0, 3DLabs is having finishe prototypes of it already) to make custom use of the GPUs.

so could it be that Apple will make use of the pixel shaders of the modern cards and write up an acceleration layer using the shading language?

but then surely they have to stop using geforce4mx and radeon 7500 cards.

geez, am I one despaired Apple fan boy...


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