Help on I'm capturing video using the new Canon T5 I ST card iMovie.

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About a months ago I purchased the Canon Rebel seriesT5i... Love the camera, wonderful video and wonderful digital photographs.


For my pre-sales questions to canon, I was led to believe that iMovie would work with using the SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card 32 GB class 10...(Allowing me to capture video directly in iMovie from the SD card) 


However much to my surprise a 53 seconds video clip took 10 minutes to get halfway done and then suddenly crashed my iMovie.


I'm using  a 27 iMac...With 32 gigs of ram with OS 10.8.3. and iMovie 9.0.9


I called AppleCare and I was advised that this camera's video is not supported under the iMovie and and Final Cut Pro.


So I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this camera along with iMovie and can tell me if there is a workaround to use what I shot. I really need to get these videos out ASAP.


I currently have the latest version of Aperture. I do not own Final Cut Pro at this time. Looking for a cheap  and fast and inexpensive way to get my video into iMovie so I can produce my videos.


Thank you for any help anyone. I am very sure that there are people out there who are using this camera, Putting videos on  iMovie or even Final Cut Final Cut Pro's new program.


Canon did provide a CD that lets you capture the video and I haven't tried using that and then importing it into iMovie I assume that would be my work around but I wish I could do it directly in iMovie like I did on my none HD camera....that would make it a lot simpler.




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    Thanks for the information. Will this works better than using the CD software that was provided with the camera ?


    I will study the link provided.


    Do You think Apple will ever provide simple iMovie conversion or will it be in the new OS Maverick?

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    The software MAY be the same. idk You'll have to check the cd.
    err, from my experience in the video world, Canon cameras have not always played nicely with Apple software. Once again, from my experience there has always been work arounds that have allowed us to work with the footage. One of the classics in the DV days was Canons use of an audio chip that didn't record at the precise 48 kHz but at something like 47.0001 or 48.0001 - meaning capture errors.
    Nothing's an issue - you just have to work around.
    Not Apples fault.
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    Have you used this particular product?


    Sounds like a lot of extra work just to get a simple video out of your camera into iMovie?


    So this is going to take a lot of extra time just to create a simple video isn't it?


    This is the only option that I have?


    What would happen if I would go ahead and capture the video in aperture...would iMovie be able to translate it from aperture to iMovie ?


    What about doing it in iPhoto? ...can you captured it in iPhoto?


    Cannon provides a Mac compatible program called image browser CX will this translate into iMovie or even Final Cut Pro? Would that be easier?


    I'm just full lots of questions...


    I'm sure there's lots more people just like myself who really that's never going to buy a camera that really doesn't work on an Apple product.


    I don't know what they were thinking when it produces this camera...what where they think the videos were going to go into the cloud magically, produce itself and then we would have to do anything with it.



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    Good news the software provided by canon called the image browser CX translated it quickly  (53 second video that I experiment with)  But the problem is it placed it in my last important file on iMovie and I need to create a name for the event...


    I'm really hoping I didn't lose any of the wonderful image quality by translating from their software to iMovie.

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    I understand.
    Even with fcp/fcpx it requires a transcode over into ProRes.

    Capturing into Aperture or iPhoto won't help you unless the relevant codec is able to be accessed by the program, any program.

    Check the cd - there may be something Canon has produced to allow you to simply capture.

    You may have different options to record in different codecs from within the camera - idk you'll have to check.
    cheers r

    edit: oh I see you've just posted. Great, good on Canon.
    You may have to recapture tho'
    cheers r
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    Your very kind to assist me with this issue. Perhaps I should not waste anyone's time and used the Canon program first sorry everyone.


    The process is very fast with that cannon program. I  put it on the desktop so I can find it. Then I import with iMovie. But then I have a problem of putting it into a specific event you know how to do that when importing into iMovie??

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    Good news again. I figured out how to get it into the correct events that I created. Now I have it all set.


    I will call Canon in the morning and ask them if there's a way to make sure that I'm getting the best quality of my important videos. It seems like  their  program makes the video looks a lot sharper but when it gets into iMovie it seems like it's not a good quality of video. I hope that's not going to translate into a bad DVD or QuickTime movie.


    I'm sure canon can answer that better than anyone else and I will post when I finally discovered here so other people could learn from my errors and make it easier for them.


    Signing off for this evening. I'll be checking this post in the morning.

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    nah - you're good matey !
    But yes - remember the adage, "When all else fails, read the manual !"
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    I could have not said it any better myself!  Thanks a lot  and good night from the midwest USA

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