TiBook, OS 10.1.5, No Login Window - blue screen

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2 different TiBooks running OS 10.1.5. The normal start-up routine proceeds fine on each (get the blue bar with messages like "Initializing Network", "Setting Network Time", etc.) but once the screen goes blue prior to when it normally provides a Log In Window, it just stays blue. Every few seconds the screen will "flicker" and it will give an arrow followed by a spinning ball while the HD spins a bit, but no log in window. This continues until it goes to sleep.

Note, this has now occurred on TWO different TiBooks in my lab in the last two days which are set up identically. Users normally log in to their accounts on our OS X.1.5 server via NetInfo, but, of course, we also have local accounts on each TiBook. 8 other TiBooks in our lab work fine, and the problem persists whether or not the "broken" 2 TiBooks are connected to the network.

I can boot fine off of OS X and OS 9 install disks; I can boot into 9.2; I can even boot off another fire-wire drive running Jaguar and run apps off of the TiBook's internal drive.

I have tried all of the appropriate recommendations in the AppleCare Document 106464 on troubleshooting Start Up issues, and I REALLY need these computer to work properly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    Same thing happened to me yesterday! What I did to fix it is I just did a clean reinstall... I restarted my 'book into FW disk mode and then I got off all of the files I needed, including the prefs and application support folders from the library and I did a clean install... no problems. I'm using the PB right now... This did make me incredibly pissed however, but...had to do it...
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    Ugh. That is what I was trying to avoid. Maybe a miracle will occur in the next couple of days before I go through all of that. Thanks.
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    Try to repair permissions, can't remember if that's in 10.1 though.. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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