Change in Verizon iPad data terms?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

I have an iPad mini that that has the Verizon cellular data option.  Like many, I only sign-up for the months where I actually need cellular data and cancel when I don't need it.  Today when I tried to cancel the service, I was shown the following cancellation notice:





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Are you sure you want to cancel your Account at this time? All cellular data service will cease immediately, and you will forfeit any unused data. All personal information, including payment and details, will be immediately removed from your cellular data account, and yourSIM card will no longer be usable. To activate cellular data service again, please visit a Verizon Wireless store to get a replacement SIM card.


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As I recall, it used to be that Verizon would let your account run to the end of the month you  paid for or to the end of your data ceiling, whichever came first.  Now they terminate the service immediately and you forfeit remaining days and bytes.  In addition, you have to get a new SIM card if you want to restart the data service.  Is my memory faulty or has Verizon changed the terms of service?  As usual, it seems like Verizon is shorting the customer.

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