Illy Vs Freesuck.

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How on earth and why doesn't Freehand Import Illy nicely? what is this image crap? and WHY doesn't Flash import Current or even Illy 9 eps'?

My life would be fantastic if anyone can tell me how to make this work.

[basic run down of whats happening here]

Freehand won't see the fonts I have, well not all of them anyway <universe 44, and American Typewriter ITC medium> Illy does, so I used Illy, converted them to outlines and want them in flash. I HATE how flash Aliases Text so I want an eps. hence me trying to get freehand to import then export the simple black 10point word I typed in illy] now this may seem backwards, and I totally agree. Help before I take up the guitar and wander around beggin for change with my "Axe" and my sad sad song.



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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Sounds dumb, but have you tried selecting all of the outlined artwork in Illustrator and Pasting it into the other application? Not trying to be an ass, but as I -know- this works in the Adobe apps I thought that you might find that same functionality in the Macromedia product line. Too busy to stop and give better advice, but give this a try....
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