Google Maps just got worse

in iPhone edited January 2014

For a long time I've been using Google Maps, although recently I've been using Apple Maps more and more.


I travel to places where businesses are few and far between, they're

not listed on google, 3G coverage is sparse there's a very definite

need for accurate and versatile mapping - I use the satellite images a

lot as I tend to go 'off piste' a lot - i.e. roaming around industrial wasteland

to take photos.

With the latest version i can't star (favourite) a location if it's not

in Google's database. I need to be online to manage saved locations. I

can't rename saved locations - addresses sometimes just appear as a

six digit number. Apple Maps retains the original 'bookmarks' feature which behaves

as it did in Google Maps 1.0

If I search for a location or address a dialog of will pop up asking

me if I mean.... I click it and it then tells me 'no results'.


Google Maps has trouble coping with addresses in Russian (and in Russia generally!),

and although those that follow standard 'English-ization'(!).


I often find myself in the middle of nowhere on a bus/train/car and I see something

I'd like to come back to - if there's no data connection at that exact time (even

though I'll have the map data loaded and onscreen) I can't add that locations.


Google Maps for iOS is buggy, incoherent and flawed. I am now

using Apple Maps more and more. You dropped the ball (after Apple

dropped the ball!), but at least Apple Maps has functionality where

yours is seriously lacking. There is a world outside of the USA where

Users want to mark a location that isn't in your database, where data

connection is slow or lacking, and they want to name that saved

location with something meaningful.


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