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For about a week or so, my mouse has been giving me trouble. It will occaisionally get relly jerky, and often stop working entirely. If I unplug it and the plug it back in, it starts working again. I am using a PB G4 500, an Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse purchased in summer 2001. It looks to me like a connector problem. Can anyone confirm this? When the mouse stops working the trackpad continues to work. And it doesn't seem to matter which port on the keyboard it's plugged into, so I assume it's the mouse itself. Most importantly, is this covered under Apple Care? I purchased the keyboard and mouse (as I said) summer 2001, along with my PB and an Apple care plan, so I am hoping that the mouse is covered, because I really don;t have 60 bucks to spend on a mouse right now. Anyhoo, any knowledge/help is appreciated.




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    If you have Apple Care you should be fine. I think that Apple Care covers your Apple Peripheals as well. Give Apple a call and see what they have to say.
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    We've had such a problem with one of our Macs at work (the mouse plugged in the keyboard) and after some shuffling we had to replace the keyboard (both its plugs went unreliable simultaneously).

    So if you have a spare USB mouse, I suggest you try it to better isolate the problem.

    And no, $60 will buy you an über-mouse. I went for a Logitech's cheapest 2-button optical mouse for some $15-$17 (can't recall correctly). It doesn't even need a 3rd-party driver in Mac OS X. Works like a charm and now I find I like it more than the Apple Pro mouse.
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