Multiple device synch advice

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Ok, I have two Palms, Outlook on a PC, an iBook, an iMac, and two .mac accounts, for two users. I want to keep essentially one address book and one calendar.

Any suggestions on how to organize all that and keep them all in sync? (No other data really needs to be all that pervasive.) A mix of using symbolic links, hard links, and iSync maybe?


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    Sync the Palms with the PC using Palm Desktop and then sync them with the Mac using iSync, while at the same time using iSync to sync one of the .Mac accounts, and then sync the othr macs off of the .Mac account using iSync, then change your .Mac account on the Mac and use iSync again.

    That is a lot of syncing.
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    Yes it is. I was hoping for some neat trick to take a sync or two out of the process. Blah.
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