strange web browser/ISP

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I have Road Runner, this happens in both IE and Safari, when I open either browser I have the homepage set at <a href=","; target="_blank">,</a> on the bottom bar it will looking for <a href=","; target="_blank">,</a> and then come up with a message, that it can't find the server. But if I click on the homepage icon on the browser it will pop up right away. Now, this doesn't always happen all the time, it appears to be pretty random, and does happen with other web sites too. It can get annoying. I am kinda confused on what is going on here. I can't tell if it is my computer or Road Runner. Please help, thanks!!!


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    EDIT: Never mind. I`m an idiot.

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    Hey that's ok, that's how i feel.

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    Any ideas anyone?! :confused: <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[surprised]" />
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    More likely it's either OS or browsers. Try Chimera.
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    Ask these questions:

    Are you DHCP with your connection?

    Is your DNS set dynamically?

    If it is, set one manually. To find your DNS do this:

    Open Network Utility - Lookup Tab - put

    in - look at the bottom to find your DNS.

    (;;FROM ------ default (this is your dns)
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