QTSS Serving MP3's...what's the URL?

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Ok, I set up my streaming server the way it should be...the playlist is playing...everything looks good. I open Quicktime and type in <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; and nothing happens.

I then read that mp3 plsylists are not called .sdp. So what do I call it? pls? Nope...

Does anyone have any experience with QTSS that can help me serve my mp3's please?


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    :confused: I've seen these before. Can you try just the IP address or IP address and port number?

    like ""; *8010 is probably not your port number.

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    Nope didn't work...I tried all the ports I could think of, 8000, 5454 and none of them worked. They really should've documented this more.

    I tried with the firewall off, and tried every possible link combination they have in the help documentation and the closest thing I can get is the Quicktime player saying Connecting and one way i had it it said buffering (when I use the m3u extention) but it never played.
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    For MP3 playlists, use an app like iTunes to play the stream. The address is &lt;http://your.ip.address/mountpoint&gt;. There are no extensions. Take a look at your Playlist details if you don't remember the mountpoint you gave it.
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    Ok, but quicktime can't handle that URL? That's kind of ironic isn't it?
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