Where to find data doubler for older Macbook Pro?

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Hi everyone.


I have an old 15" Macbook Pro 2,2 (2.16Ghz C2D from 2006) running 10.6.8


I'm upgrading to an SSD and would like to remove the optical in favor of a 500-750GB HDD for my photo and music libraries.


So far, no luck.  OWC says their product won't work with macs older than 2008 vintage...


Any help would be greatly appreciated




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    Matsu, I am trying to do the same thing on the exact MacBook Pro 2,2. Have you found any luck?
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    timmerktimmerk Posts: 11member

    I had one of these in my old 2006 Mac. I can't remember the exact model, but I think it was from these people: http://www.mcetech.com/optibay/

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    Thanks timmerk , this is perfect. 

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    jlanddjlandd Posts: 873member

    Although the hard drive is SATA in these the optical is PATA, so it's not as simple a swap as in a post 2008 one.  To move the existing drive over get the cage with a PATA-SATA adapter. 

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