I cant sleep!

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My iBook wont stay asleep when I close the hatch

It goes to sleep but then wakes up 10 seconds after I close it, everytime. Then when I open the book it goes to sleep! Something is out of sync somewhere.

I dont have anything plugged into any ports (except power) or anything in the dvd drive.

That glowing apple on the back of the lcd is mocking me! Any ideas as to whether it would be a hardware or software problem? Anyone had this issue? Could it be related to the latch?

oh i hope its something in software... I'll try clearing the caches again i guess.


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    Could be the sleep angle sensor thing. Just sent my dad's iBook back for that same problem and they replaced it...but it also came back unable to boot up, so... \

    Ah well, it all works now.
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    zyquil will help you get your zzzz's....jk

    I have a feeling its hardware man, back up all your stuff and send it in. You could try the PRAM and cache stuff again but I mean thats unlikely it. Keep us updated.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    try checking to make sure you don't have "wake for network activity" or something like that under the energy savings control panel.

    that will give machines all sorts of fits with sleeping.
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