iPhone 5s - LTE bands and compatibility

in iPhone edited January 2014

I know it's early and it's a bit techy... But I was going through Apple's specs page and in particular the LTE band section.


Traveling between the US and Germany a lot I was hoping for an iPhone that can connect to LTE bands in both countries (unfortunately the "old" iPhone 5 was either compatible with the German or the US LTE band).


From what I read, the 5s Model A1533 is the one you get when you buy it unlocked (T-mobile) and it's capable of running German LTE bands (1800 is the one I'm on in Germany, T-Mobile).


Not really a question, just what I read from the specs page and really relieved if this year I can use my iPhone in both countries at maximum speed.


Or do I see this wrong?





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