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I'm looking for help in getting a couple Macs for a NonProfit program. We have been using our personal computers for registrations for about a year now and need a least one computer for personal records. We are non profit so there is no money that could be used towards the purchase of a computer. If anyone could send me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member

    If you want free machines, why restrict yourself to Macs? I'm sure getting free PCs would be trivial.

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    What would be the benefit of non profit organizations, at the end it will be clear that they will work for the benefit of product and i appreciate this step.

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    "Non-profit" does not mean "no expenses" ... budget money for a computer.

    or... (and this is based on your chosen moniker)... just pray for a computer... doesn't God grant wishes offered in the form of prayer? (of course I'm assuming you'r God comes from the Bible... if your thinking of Odin, then I don't think he operates the same way.)
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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    If you can prove to local businesses that your organisation is legit and its principles are well founded you might find that one or more of them are willing to help you. It would be a donation for them and therefore tax deductible.
    Just an idea.
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