Ipad battery draining even when Ipad is off.

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suddenly I have this strange problem on the Ipad I bought in May 2012 - the battery continues to go down when the Ipad is off.  I am still able to charge it using the Apple supplied cable.  Any ideas?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,230moderator
    Do you mean fully powered off by holding the power button in until it says "slide to power off" or just standby? Standby doesn't seem to do a proper sleep as I've noticed apps draining the battery faster when they are left open in standby. If you open the multi-tasking panel with a double-tap of the home button and then hold your finger on an app, they will show with a minus marker and tapping that quits those apps. Do that for all the apps to leave nothing in the tray and test it on standby.
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    Thank you Marvin.  I meant power off as in having pressed the button and having the screen go black.   But you might be right - I often leave apps like mail and safari open when I shut the Ipad off.    On the other hand,  I've been doing that since I bought it and this power-draining problem just developed in the last couple of days.

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    Yes, You're not really shutting it OFF... and some apps are still able to perform some tasks while asleep... perhaps there's some app that you recently acquired, or that was recently updated and that new app (or updated version) is what is using battery while asleep... 


    Or perhaps you may have changed a setting for push alerts or something similar?

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