iOS 7 feature focus: AirDrop simplifies speedy local file transfer



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    Air drop. I think Dilger made fun of this style option on Zune with people running around San Fran trying to find another Zune user to send stuff too. Bluetooth is a battery drainer on laptops not connected to the wall power. So now we need to be running two data paths (Blurtooth and WiFi) to transfer data. Not exactly magical. More Rube Goldberg in my thought.

    You don't need to have WiFi & BT on the whole time. When you want to AirDrop something, it will turn it on for you. You just need to turn it off afterwards, if so desired.

    And yes I have nothing but Macs, iPhones, and iPads in my house.

    Pity you wrote that
    And yes I got in and downloaded iOS 7 to my "5" yesterday afternoon. Hate "white" screen on "Notes". Going blind typing on it.

    Perhaps because the future is so bright¿
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    Does Airdrop allows file sharing between Mac(with OS X 10.8.5) and iPhone 5(iOS7)?

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    akzz wrote: »
    Does Airdrop allows file sharing between Mac(with OS X 10.8.5) and iPhone 5(iOS7)?

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    That would be a silly requirement, don't you think? To have to have separate iCloud accounts. I have both an iPhone and and iPad. One person, one iCloud account. It would kind of defeat the purpose of iCloud to have separate accounts on my two devices. And just as silly to not be able to use AirDrop to transfer files between my two devices.


    I definitely see your point.  Note that I don't know if it _is_ in fact a requirement to transfer between _different_ iCloud accounts.  I was just taking a stab at a possible cause of the issue, based on the fact that being logged into an iCloud account is a requirement for using AirDrop on iOS at all.  


    I haven't yet tested trying to transfer between two devices using the same iCloud account.  I can see it being a silly requirement to have the devices on separate iCloud accounts, from the perspective of a single person transferring files between two of their own devices.  But I can also see how iCloud is moving more and more towards invisible syncing of content between all devices anyway, so it could be that Apple would rather focus on that approach rather than having to share files with yourself in the first place.  There are already plenty of 3rd party and 1st party apps that use iCloud to sync their files between all devices automatically, so a near future where that sort of synchronization is essentially ubiquitous isn't necessarily outside the realm of possibility.


    In the auto-syncing scenario, all your apps and all your files would immediately exist on all devices anyway, removing the need to ever share them with yourself.  
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    It transfers full (original) quality.


    I just tried airdrop from an iPhone 6 to iPad Mini Retina and the image is resized from 2448x3264 to 1224x1632 (file size from 3.48mb to 1.13mb) - am I missing a setting or something? How did you transfer it at the same quality?


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