Music only on iPod NOT on Ti....

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OK I have a 30 Gig HD on my Ti and 15 Gigs of MP3s

This does not give me much wiggle room on my HD for other files...

I also have a 20 Gig iPod with all my music on it...

What i would LOVE is the ability to keep all the music on my iPod current and up to date, but not have 2 identical copies of my music library...

In short i want all my MP3s off my HD and onto my iPod so i can free up 15 gigs of space (i currently have 800 megs free)... BUT i want to be able to manipulate my library and playlists as if it was on my HD through iTunes (when the iPod is connected of course)

I can deal with only streaming music through iTunes and MP3s through my iPod until i get the dough together to buy a nice external HD...

how do I go about doing this? it seems like such a waste of space to have the complete library on both devices.

***note I want to be able to move my music back after I get my external drive...

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    gigawiregigawire Posts: 196member
    you need to copy the actual mp3 files over to your iPod, no through iTunes. This will store them like files on a HD, which means you can not play them on the iPod. But when you attach the ipod to the PB, you will be able to play them as though they were coming off of a 2nd HD. This is the only way you can move sons from Computer to computer using the iPod. Not what yo're looking for, but I hope i helps some.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    No, no, no. First you need to select manually manage iPod playlists. Then encode the cd's. Move the mp3s to your iPod and delete them out of your main library.

    When you do that, you can manipulate the songs on the iPod, create playlists, even play off the iPod through your computer. Hell, you can even burn a cd from an iPod playlist. I've done all this before and I can go through it step by step if you need it.

    edit: I didn't see you comment that you want to be able to move them to another HD. The only way to do this would be to get one of the many utilities that allow you to copy songs off the iPod. You can't both play off the iPod and copy songs from it without using some other utility. :/

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