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On my fiance's new iBook Netscape has just picked up an interesting oddity. Under her OSX Log-in Netscape 7.0 goes through it's regular startup until it is time for the browser window to appear. At that point a small line of white pixels in the upper left appear. When you try to open a new browser window with command-n another identical white line appears just down and to the right of the first one. It started doing this when she clicked the maximize button. At that point the window disappeared and hasn't come back no matter how many times Netscape is re-opened.

Under my Log-in Netscape works perfectly. It is the same copy of the same program. When we logged back in to her settings it still does the white line thing.

Another issue is possibly related. Earlier the iBook would not come out of sleep unless the enter key was pressed. Normally it comes out when it's opened. After a re-start a message appeared telling us to restart. We did and the sleep issue was resolved, but the clock needed re-setting and then Netscape started its thing. Any ideas?


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    the netscape thing sounds like a tiny window... check the window menu next time this happens...

    as for the other problems... First repair permissions from the disk utility app in the utilities folder if that does not help...

    (from another thread): [quote] try starting up with command-s pressed down.... that will bring you into single user mode... then type "/sbin/fsck -y" at the prompt...

    let it do its thing and if it says "the volume has been modified" or something to that effect, run the command again

    then after it completes w/o modifying anything type "reboot"

    if you are still having troubles get your Apple Restore CD that came with your computer

    put it in the iBook and hold the "C" key on start up

    from one of the upper left hand corner menus look for "run disk utility" and repair permissions

    if that doesnt fix things run the apple hardware test CD that came with your computer... if everything checks out then you may have a major problem....

    1. is your mac still under warranty?

    2. Do you have another F/W equipped mac?

    3. what OS are you running on either of these computers?

    4. go to an apple store

    5. pray

    6. post results here, both if they are bad or good....

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    punkypunky Posts: 2member
    Thank you for the reply. Much to my dismay, it is still happening! I don't know what to do. Nothing seems to be out of place or set to a different setting...I am not sure what happened. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for the help.
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