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I just installed IOS 7 in my iPad 3. Had a small crash, but worked again when I resetted the iPad.

I commute between Brazil and Canada. Bought iPad in August 2012 here in Canada, took it to Brazil, where it crashed and was substituted for a Brazilian iPad 3. 

Back to Canada, since August, I am unable to update my apps, including those bought from the Canadian App store. I get the message that says I cannot buy from the Canada Apple Store and should switch to the Brazilian store. Right now I have 38 updates....

Going to Settings/iTunes & Apple Store and changing the country does not work, as my credit card address is in Brazil and an ONTARIO province does not exist in that country.... 

Can anyone gimme a hint?


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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    Have 2 Apple id's
    One for Brazil one for Canada. Swap between them.
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    How do I change apple id in app store in iOS7. I try to do it the same way as in iOS6, and it seemes to be identical: log out, writw the other apple id and then log in. But, then it can't connect to itunes/app store.

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    ios 7

    setting >general>international>region formate ---- select ur region,,,, and enjoy ,,,

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