Connecting to a single windows machine using SAMBA

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I was wondering what is the proper form to type into the "connect to server" input, what I have listed in O'Reilly's book Mac OS X in a Nutshell is smb://host/sharename. IS it necessary to even use a sharename when connecting to a single machine? I assume that the "host" is the computer id found on Windows in Control Panels -> System ->Network Identifier. Any information would be appreciated.


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    I've only done this on a Win 95 machine (it belongs to my work, and it's as much Windoze as I'll have in the house) plugged into my router, but it all works quite happily. Essentially everything you've got there looks about right (given I'm reading between the lines here on an OS I don't use more than I have to): you need a sharename simply so the machine is identified on the network. You do need to make sure at least one drive in the Windoze box is shared to the network.

    Two things you might want to try:

    Type smb:// (the machine's IP address): the Mac should interrogate the machine at that address for a login, then interrogate it for shared drives.

    Even easier, in the Connect to Server dialogue, click the blue box with the triangle: Rendezvous will run off and hunt for all networked devices, at which point the Windoze box should pop up with its sharename: double-click, login and you're in business.

    Hope this is some help...
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    It is thank you I appreciate it.
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