Deals: New iMacs shipping from MacMall on Wed., get the lowest prices with exclusive coupons

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Apple on Tuesday introduced its late-2013 family of iMac desktop computers and authorized reseller MacMall says it's prepared to begin shipping three of the five standard retail configurations tomorrow, each of which is offered to AppleInsider readers at the lowest prices anywhere through exclusive coupons.


The new iMacs bring Intel's latest-generation Haswell processors, speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Nvidia's new GeForce 700 series graphics to the super-sleek all-in-one chassis the company first introduced roughly a year ago.

Readers who access MacMall via the links in the AppleInsider Mac Price Guides (snippets below) can then manually apply coupon code APPLEINSIDER02 on the retailer's iMac product pages to instantly save an additional 3%, yielding the lowest prices anywhere on these new models. Additionally, MacMall only charges sales taxes in California, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Internet orders for Apple's newly updated iMacs will be processed by MacMall in the order they are received, and the reseller currently tells AppleInsider that they will be able to start shipping 3 of the 5 standard configs on Wednesday (tomorrow). These configs are as follows:

ME086LL/A - 21.5" iMac (2.7GHz/8GB/1TB) for $1,255.18*
ME088LL/A - 27.0" iMac (2.9GHz/8GB/1TB) for $1,740.18*
ME089LL/A - 27.0" iMac (3.4GHz/8GB/1TB) for $1,934.18*

The remaining two standard configurations are a bit constrained at launch:

ME087LL/A - 21.5" iMac (2.9GHz/8GB/1TB) for $1,449.18* (Ships October)
MF125LL/A - 27.0" iMac (3.5GHz/8GB/3TB Fusion) for $2,613.18* (Ship date unknown)

We'll continue to update the Mac Price Guides with additional models and retailers throughout the week as the units begin to show up in their inventory systems. It's also worth noting that the same MacMall coupon can be applied to all MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros sold through MacMall, yielding the lowest prices on those models as well:


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    Too bad I have zero interest in the stock models, and as such this does nothing for me. I need a 27" with the i7 processor and 780 GPU, but the standard 1TB drive is fine for me since I'll be upgrading it to a full SSD in a year or so when 512GB drives drop to a more manageable sub $200 price range. Yes removing the screen to get to the hard drive is a pain, but I'm not paying twice as much for Apple's solution.

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    Yea, I will wait until one of the other re-sellers has it in stock.  MacMall is a company I have learned never to do business with.

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    They must have some wrong information in their system because the 27" base iMac comes with 3.2Ghz, not 2.9Ghz as listed.
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    Your price guides should indicate the processor (e.g., i5, i7) of the device being offered.
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    to cash907:
    why wait for cheaper SSD? You just can add a second smaller SSD for OSX.

    "Removing the logic board from the iMac, iFixit found that the 21.5-inch model features an empty PCIe SSD slot, which means that it could very well be expanded if a user chose to do so. The 27-inch model also features this empty slot."
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