Retrospect Client on a OS X MySQL box = LAG?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just installed the Retro client on an OS X 10.2.4 Mac running MySQL, PHP and Apache.

My Retro server is an OS X 10.2.4 Mac running Retro 5 Server version. It backs up a few OS X Servers as well as the MySQL box mentioned above.

Both my Retro client and server have the most recent drivers and are up to date.

My Retro server backs up the client without a problem. The server is fine and continues to run great for weeks or months. But the client is "wounded" after a backup.

But after the client is backed up, mousing is VERY slow in the Aqua GUI, and PHP MySQL queries time out. Simple Apache web page requests take forever. It grinds to a halt. THe 'top' command doesn't reveal any rogue processes or extreme CPU activity.

The client is getting 2 directories backed up, totalling 40 MB. Chump change, really. Just some .html files and a medium size SQL database.

The only solution is to reboot after every backup, which isn't a solution.


The Retrospect client is running on a beige G3 266 with 192 (!)MB RAM. I need to add RAM, I know. It has a 10 baseT (built-in) NIC. The client runs on a small LAN and is used by 4 people. Not much traffic.

The Retrospect server is a QS G4 867 with 640 MB RAM. 10/100/1000 NIC (10/100 LAN). It has been backing up several OS X boxes, and an NT box with no problems. Runs great.
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