Delta Airlines to distribute Surface 2 to pilots after iPad trial



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    For emergency landing instructions, just pull out the invisible to know where it is "charms menu"

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    That's not the same Delta Airline of Flight 191 fame that crashed due to pilot error, is it?

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    That's what the MS iPad buy-back program was for. They lured the Delta Engineers into picking Surface Tablets by promising them a free iPad.

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    I can only imagine what the pre-flight safety lecture will be like now ... all that dancing and keyboard clicking, ugh.

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    Microsoft:  For every 10 Windows license, you get a free Surface... and they run Windows (RT) apps***

    IT Manager:  Sounds good to me.

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    I hope they turn these devices off during take-offs and landings  :)

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    This will give the blue screen of death a whole new level of impact.
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    It’s simple.


    Delta has to pay to get iPads.

    Delta was paid to get Surfaces.


    Nothing but the basest corporate logic here.

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    I think this could work well in Apple's favor.


    A little headline now for Microsoft... HUGE headline later should Delta ditch the Surface and switch to iPads.

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    jd_in_sbjd_in_sb Posts: 1,600member
    Sounds like Bill & Company just cut someone a big check.
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    Good one!:no:
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    snovasnova Posts: 1,281member

    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    It’s simple.


    Delta has to pay to get iPads.

    Delta was paid to get Surfaces.


    Nothing but the basest corporate logic here.


    you forgot about Microsoft get free advertising.

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    Seriously though, since the surface is running on Windows 8, I'd be worried that it would crash, and I am not joking. I work for a Cyber security company, and I see it as a fertile ground for malware that could potentially be harmful. Staying away from Delta as soon as they deploy the surface, don't want any part of it.
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    They tried iPads and are now standardizing on an unreleased Surface 2? That's either a massive condemnation of iPad, or a really obvious indicator of a Microsoft deal that sounds like their computer vendor deals of the 90s.
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    PS: these are manual carriers, not integrated systems. No matter what device they use, there's no crashing caused by them (unless they get into a serious issue requiring manuals to be relied upon in a critical moment).
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    Back to FUD. Both IBM and MS practiced that sales technique for years, quite successfully. I'd bet Delta's IT department had no say on going to the Surface. It was the CEO, and the kickbacks went into the CEO's pocket.

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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    So they did a trial with iPads. Sounds reasonable. But then they adopt Surface with no trial period? Sounds fishy.


    Where is the due diligence? Is the yet to be released Surface 2 even approved by the FAA?

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    mhiklmhikl Posts: 471member

    Love it. First United tosses guitars and a song goes viral. Now Delta pilots will be tossing Surface 2s to a new tune.

    Can hardly wait. :D

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    It will take two years to be fully operational. They will have plenty of time to get it right. Also theft will not be problem. However, by the end of this year Apple will have 64 bit processor, longer battery life, plus weight reduction on their new iPad.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member

    How many copies of the paper manual did they have on board? 


    40 pound manual vs about 1.5 pounds per tablet times (depending on the size of the plane and number of crew) 3 = 7.5 pounds for company issue devices - plus another 7.5 pounds if each bring their own = 15 pounds or 25 pounds saved. While I am sure that adds up if you KNOW that you will be carrying 25 pounds less on EVERY flight EVERY time - but it seems to me that even considering only a single example of a given aircraft on the same route on the same day each week the variation in weigh from flight to flight is likely greater than 25 pounds. 


    To me I would think that a much better selling point is that the electronic version would be far easier to keep up to date and thus reduce the overall cost involved in the logistics of printing and distributing and updating and disposing of paper copies as well as possibly making them easier to use meaning potential savings in time and pilot distraction. 

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