OS7 & incoming Bluetooth calls

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iPhone 4GS.  I frequently use my Bluetooth headset (LG HBS730) to answer incoming calls.  Since the upgrade to OS7 the incoming call are going through the iPhone rather than ringing on the Bluetooth device.  I must accept the call manually on the iPhone and then select the Bluetooth source to transfer the call to my Bluetooth headset.  I have looked but I don't see a place to make the Bluetooth headset the default for incoming calls.  The headset is working fine in all other respects and was answering incoming calls without incident before the OS7 upgrade.  Help please.


Thanks in advance... Bob


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    Related problem perhaps ... Since upgrading to 7.0.2 I have had a reconnection problem between my iPhone 5 and my vehicle's bluetooth. It forces me to reboot the iPhone to get the phone recognized.

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    Doesn't sound like my problem.  My phone fixed itself, it's working fine now.



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