Move Fonts from OS9 to OS10?

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Hi all,

I'm running 10.1.2 on a 12" Powerbook. Given that there are many more fonts in my OS 9 system folder than there are in my OS 10 fonts folder:

Is there any reason why I cannot or should not move the extra folnts to the OS 10 Fonts folder? Is it any more complicated than dragging them from one place to the other?

Is there any reason why I should keep the OS 9 applications, system? I just switched back to mac after a breif and painful period with a WinTel laptop. So I have no OS 9 apps that I'm married to. (My last system was OS 8 on a G3 Powerbook, well I thought it was slick at the time, now it looks like a brick!)

Thanks in advance for your help / opinions / comment. Fortunefavors those who take pity on bitter old men.

bitter old fool

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    Move can your fonts to ~/Library/Fonts safely. If none of the fonts are badly corrupted, you won't have any problems. Just let the system fonts alone.

    You really don't have to remove Classic completely unless you have no free disk space left. While Classic is not running there is absolutely no performance hit or extra memory usage. Keep it 'just in case'.

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