PB G5 around the corner???

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Does anyone have any idea as to whats in store for the powerbook? I would love to know. Also, not related, but I can't install the beta of Flash MX. It just doesn't work? any ideas?


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Please post the second question in Genius Bar.

    As to the first, nothing will happen with the PowerBook for at least 90 days, given that the line was just updated. Unless Apple has done a miraculous job of keeping secrets, it will probably use a newer, better G4 rather than a whole new processor design.

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    smirclesmircle Posts: 1,035member
    Originally posted by Schvoo2:

    [quote]Does anyone have any idea as to whats in store for the powerbook? I would love to know. <hr></blockquote>

    As we have seen no G5 in desktops/towers, there is no chance we are going to see them in notebooks soon. Maybe in 12 month time.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,517member
    I come here just to inhale the unbridled optimism. The existence of the G5 has not yet been confirmed and this imaginary processor has not yet made an appearance in the PowerMac towers and already people are talking about it showing up in a battery driven PowerBook! Whoohoo!

    I'd guess that the TiBook isn't changed till October at the earliest. The iBook, on the other hand, might see a speed bump and GPU bump as it hasn't been refreshed in about 7 months.
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    fobiefobie Posts: 216member
    I think that the PowerBook will get another speedbump at MWNY this summer. When new faster PowerMacs appear there will be room for a 1Ghz PowerBook.

    At least I hope so..
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    yevgenyyevgeny Posts: 1,148member
    Unbridled optimism indeed. I can see 1GHz G4's coming in the future months, but I can't see G5's coming to laptops anytime soon. Why you ask? G5's probably produce quite a bit of heat. G5's probably cost too much. G5's probably are too expensive and will go to the pro market where people will pay for them and not whine as much. Oh, and don't forget that THEY'RE VAPOR- they don't exist yet. It is very difficult to roll out a brand new CPU across both the desktop and portable lines.

    The general rule of thumb at apple seems to be that the top of the line laptop CPU is about three to four months behind the top of the line desktop CPU. This would mean that sometime this summer, the powerbook will get 1GHz as its top speed.

    A new powerbook motherboard would be quite a large engineering undertaking. I would be surprised if Apple could come out with this by the end of summer.

    I can see an iBook upgrade (CPU, GPU, 100MHz motherboard standard in all model) by the time Jaguar comes out. I do not think that Apple will want to be selling an OS whose GUI is not accelerated on all (then) currently available models.

    The question is if the iBook gets a better G3 or a G4. Call me crazy, but I can see why they would simply give it a Sahara G3, and why that would be a good thing (battery life). I can't see Apple shipping an iBook that has an almost identical CPU to the higher price Powerbook- it makes for poor product differentiation. For most computing tasks, I would take an 800MHz G3 over a 667MHz G4 anyday.

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