PS VS EPS (again)

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What is the diff between the two file types?

What kind of data does each one hold internally?

What are the limitations of each in comparison?

Why can I make a EPS file from Quark Xpress, but not make a PS file?


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    all right, my post again, after it disappeared...

    there are a couple of differences between eps and ps files. First of all an eps has a (lores) preview and doesn't contain any fonts. Of couse you can export an eps file from Quark but it has the limitations mentioned above. Plus, internally Quark works still with PostScript Level one, according to compatibilty issues.

    To embed fonts into an eps file, you could use a tool like Font Includer (if necessary)

    To create a proper postscript file out of Quark you'll have to print in a file (preferably with the Acrobat Distiller PPD), where you have to embed all Fonts. This postscript has NO preview.

    A good workaround for a *working* eps is to print into a postscript file, distill it to a pdf (check the settings) and export it out of Acrobat to an eps file.

    The major difference between PS Level 2 and 3 is the support of transparencies used by a couple of applications like Illustrator, FreeHand or Corel Draw. PS L3 also supports spot colors in pdf files. Basically you will have a hard time/no luck to print PS level 3 files on a Level 2 machine...

    Unfortunately this is a very complex topic to describe in a few sentences... Hopefully this was not too confusing
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    Slightly off-topic but how do you create (print) a .ps file from Illustrator in OSX if you don't have a PS printer? I used to use Adobe PS in 9 and then run the .ps file through Distiller. Is there a Virtural Printer for X? Now, It only gives me the option to print to my inkjet, there is no option to print to a file.


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    just install a postscript printer with the distiller (or any other postscript) ppd, then u can print into a (ps) file...
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