iMessage when traveling with new SIM card

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I have an upcoming trip to the UK and I plan on getting a local SIM card to save on data costs.  Does anyone have any experience with how iMessage will work in that situation?  Will I still be able to send iMessages from my regular phone number despite having loaded a new SIM card with a new UK phone number?


Thanks in advance for any guidance and help.


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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    You should be fine because iMessage uses your Apple ID contact info.
    Your regular phone number has nothing to do with it nor your new number.

    If the person you are trying to contact is not on an idevice or doesn't have an Apple ID then the phone number is used but the message will go out as SMS or txt. You will have noticed that idevice contact messages go as blue and non idevice contacts go out as green, no doubt.
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    wubbuswubbus Posts: 70member
    Thanks for your reply, very helpful.
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