Apple ID problem with iOS7

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My iPhone 4 has been upgraded to iOS7 however it won't now log into any service that requires Apple ID as it has now reverted to my old Apple ID email address. The same happened on my iPad, however the Apple forum suggestion to log out then back in to iMessage and FaceTime cured the issue. This however doesn't work on the iPhone, in fact it won't let me log on to either of these services with my real Apple ID and won't let me log out of iCloud from the old ID.


At the moment I have a pretty OS on the phone without email, iMessage nor FaceTime.... HELP???? :-)


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    There's not a central place to do this anymore (but the advantage is that it allows you to use a different ID for each of those services.)

    The location isn't even the same within each app (to change that setting.)


    You'll need to find the location in each app (or it's settings page) to remove/logout/change it's ID ... then re-log-in using the new ID.


    If that STILL doesn't work, you might try restoring the phone... 


    At this point millions of people have already upgraded their iPhone4 to iOS7 with no problems, so I doubt it's a problem with the OS... 


    Was the phone jailbroken (under iOS6) ?  

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    Have already tried all that, both iMessage and FaceTime refuse to sign in using my real Apple ID (although it's fine on my Mac and iPad) and also i can't restore the phone as i can't turn off Find My iPhone in iCloud settings as i can't sign in to iCloud... it seems everywhere i turn i bump up against the system conspiring against me...


    Oh and no, the phone has never been jailbroken


    Any other thoughts??

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