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HP(Q) and DELL are both attacking the server market with their new blademount designs...the HP blademount adverts are in all the trades right now. Check out HP's blademounts page at: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;


Blade servers are comprehensive computing systems that include processor, memory, network connections, and associated electronics, all on a single motherboard called a blade. This high-density technology addresses the current trend among large computing centers to reduce space requirement while lowering their total cost of ownership and getting a higher return on their IT investments.

The server blade, along with storage, networking and other blades, are typically installed in a rack-mountable enclosure that houses multiple blades that share common resources such as cabling, power supplies, and cooling fans. With its modular, hot-pluggable architecture, the easily accessible blade server offers increased computing density while ensuring both maximum scalability and ease of management.

Won't Apple also design the cabinets?


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    ahaha check out that .asx "stream" video from that page "blade servers in action"....

    Man windows media player sucks balls maybe. every goddamn slideshow is faster than that.

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