Mouse pointer goes nuts!

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Hey guys. Has anybody noticed their mouse pointer getting a little wacky on them? Sometimes it will vanish and reappear at the bottom of the screen. It seemed to start after a couple updates were installed to OS 9.


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    Multitasking errors.
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    iMac is also freezing every couple of minutes or so. Are there any settings that can be changed to help it run smoother. I'm an "Apple Newbie."

    Thanks for help again.
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    The freezing you are probably talking about is your virtual memory kicking in. What kind of imac is it? Is it one of the flat panal ones? I would suggest getting more RAM, If you can afford it. If not there is also a few programs out there and a few hacks to Get the most out of your system some of them at the cost of apearence though.

    Also if you have anymore questions stop by my forum on Its new so there is no content right now, but hey I have to start someware and don`t quite know what "Apple newbs" need so I could use some help.

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    And mostly you should post this question to the GENIUS BAR forum, it's for help questions like this. A lot of people are just going to skip the thread in this forum.
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    Are you using an optical mouse? If it jumps around like that, it's very likely that you aren't using it on a good surface. If the surface has any kind of reflective or glossy shine or has visible scratches in it, the light may bounce the wrong way and send the cursor flying off in some strange direction.
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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    I think this started happening to me around the time after I upgraded to 10.2.4
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    [quote] Are you using an optical mouse? <hr></blockquote>

    I thought of this to, but if this was the case he would happen ALL the time, you wouldnt be able to use the mouse really, It used to happen to me on my old desk.

    Also, It would only happen when moving the mouse, and not make it dissapear and reapear. however you could be right brad, it could also be a hair in the laser area. That has happened to me a few times.

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    Thanks Brad. I did recently get a mouse pad for the optical mouse and it seemed to start around the same time. I got rid of the pad and everything is fine so far.
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