Verizon gold iPhone 5s shipping

in iPhone edited January 2014
I wanted to start a new thread with updates with anyone who ordered a 5s through Verizon.

10/2 ordered still says processing.
gold iPhone 5s 64gb

Verizon site still says ship by 11/2. ordered it in store, any feedback will be awesome.


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    Ordered 9/20
    32 G gold
    Still processing
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    thanks for the feedback
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    U r welcome
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    Ordered 9/20 2pm

    Still processing

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    Early in-store opening..suburban Seattle store..7:45 am PST..1st to order 16gb gold...was PROMISED by Store Manager that there were a few available for IMMEDIATE ship to store for pickup in two days...She double checked a was positive there were 4 available and I was GUARANTEED one!! I asked here if she was sure, as I would take another color to get a phone sooner as I was using a case and she was POSITIVE it would be in the store for pick-up in two days as their "computer system" was highly accurate. Needless to say it's been nearly three weeks and the "ship by" dates has changed four one point it changed from 10/28 to 11/7 but has changed back to 10/28... I could get one sooner from Apple if I walked into one of their stores today and ordered it. Verizon CONTINUES to blame Apple and not take responsibility for the outright lies told by their employees and I continue to repeat the story of my disappointment, frustration and anger at Verizon and their despicable "customer service" as I contact HUNDREDS of people DAILY at my job working at the nations LARGEST ELECTRONICS RETAILER... " know the rest".
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