Hoping for nVoy support for next Airport refresh

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014

I did my fair share of touring new home construction East of Seattle and what i've found is that basically few builders 

care at all about offering any kind of modern wiring for homes.  


I'm glad that we have 802.11ac routers finally from Apple but my hope is that these are rapidly updated with more functional models in the next 24 months.  


I think the typical home that has a plethora of smart phones, tablets, laptop/desktop and networked media devices is yearning for a way to easily get these items together.   


Looks like the industry listened and realized that Wifi, Powerline Networking,  MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance and Ethernet alone were not going to do the trick alone.  Enter IEEE 1905.1 (rolls off the tongue doesn't it?) better known by it's more marketable name of of nVoy.  It neatly abstracts the aforementioned networking protocols into an easier to manage target.    Want to extend your network into another room wirelessly but still leverage Powerline networking when it is appropriate?   nVoy will do it relatively transparently. 


I can easily imagine better Time Capsules coming in the future that backup over Powerline,  still provide fast Wireless access and perhaps can stream multimedia over wifi and over cables. 


It's also intriguing to see how Apple slipped Multipath TCP into the latest iPhones which neatly manages Wifi and Cellular connections.  Very conceptually similar.  Low developer impact but good benefits in fail-over and end user responsiveness. 


These future "Hybrid Routers"  will be all the rage for handling today's digitally enhanced homes. 


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