Unique iPhone dock that seamlessly integrates to the iMac stand (+ we're currently having a crazy di

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Hey guys,


I'm a co-founder of OCDesk. We made an iPhone dock that seamlessly integrates to the Apple iMac base, removing the typical dock footprint from your table. Our paper-thin cable runs underneath the iMac, making it look wireless. 


It's made of aero-grade aluminum, polished, sand-blasted and anodized to perfectly match the iMac. 


We're currently having a whopping 25% discount for 15 days + free international shipping to celebrate Kickstarter, which allowed us to make it all into a reality. If you're interested in the dock (or any of our other products like for example one of the thinnest tempered glass screen protect available) please check out our website at www.ocdesk.com and use the discount code "kickstarterrocks" on the checkout page.







I've read the rules and FAQ but if I've made a mistake in posting it here and it's somehow against the rules I apologize, please let me know what's the appropriate course of action and I'll fix it. It's not my intention to spam the forum, it's my own product and project, I'd just like to humbly present it to everybody, along with the discount. 


Thanks for reading! 

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