Apple reaffirms iWork for iCloud update ahead of special event

in iCloud edited March 2014
Apple has posted a notice to the beta versions of its iWork for iCloud suite, confirming that the cloud document services will be updated during Tuesday's special event.

iWork for iCloud

The notice, which says that users will be able to take advantage of the update "in just a few short hours," was first published by MacRumors early Tuesday morning.

Apple announced the suite at this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference. iWork for iCloud brings Apple's productivity tools --?Keynote, Pages, and Numbers -- to the web.

Cupertino opened the iWork for iCloud beta to the public in July, and in August limited access due to what the company called "overwhelming demand."


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    Really wish they would have left the icons alone. Numbers in particular, but all three. In particular, I guess; I really like the old ones.

    Here’s hoping that we actually get FEATURE PARITY between all three versions. Because three versions is bad enough as it is.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,280member
    In preparation for the changes iWork for iCloud is down for all users until 5:00pm EST today. Saving you the trouble of reporting a problem ;)
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