Network between my iMac (OSX.2.4) and a Windows XP PC via Ethernet Hub

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Does anyone have had this problem?

My friend has a windows xp pc. We have an ethernet network with a hub, where the dsl modem is connected.

Can anyone give me an instruction (for both of the computers) to make a filesharing network?



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    This was posted on AI a long time ago, so I take no credit for it:

    [quote] -On PC and Mac, make sure the workgroup names are the same. On PC, this means Start->MyComputer->Rightclcik->Properties->Computer Name-> press Change. Should be Workgroup as the workgroupname. On Mac, Applications:Utilities launch Directory Access, click lock and enter password to admin, then click smb and configure. Make sure name is the same workgroup name as on PC.

    -On Mac, System preferences:Sharing Tab. Click on Windows File Sharing

    -On PC: Make sure you have atleast one folder shared.

    -To mount PC share on the Mac:Go menu, Connect to Server. If the PC shows up great, just click it. If not, enter the IP as smb://IP_Adress/sharename. Enter userid and password and you are set

    -To mount Mac shares on the PC:Start->My Network Places, Click Add Network Place. Click Next a few times, till you see a Browse button, click browse, expand Entire Network object until you see the Mac name there.

    Both the Mac and the PC have to have folders shared inorder to share.

    If either computer can't 'see' the other:

    -check cables

    -check workgroup names

    -ensure folders are shared

    -pick up XP box and heave it out the Window.


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    oh, If you want to 'connect' the computers with each other, you need a switch, not a hub.

    someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.
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    You're wrong.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    But hey, a hub has two kinds of connectors:
    • a Uplink

    • and a Downlink

    no ? so, if he puts the dsl modem into the Uplink, and the mac & pc on one of the Downlinks, both computers can connect to the internet. my setup is like this.

    however, the mac & pc are unable to connect to each other, because the're only linked to the Uplink, which is the dsl modem.
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    To effectivly share an internet connection, you need a router. A hub and a switch do essentially the same thing, only the switch does it faster (and more securely).

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    We already share internet.

    The problem is the network between the iMac and his pc...

    Whatever I do, my computer means always "Faut -36".
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    [quote]Originally posted by dschango:

    <strong>We already share internet.

    The problem is the network between the iMac and his pc...

    Whatever I do, my computer means always "Faut -36".</strong><hr></blockquote>

    on the XP machine, make sure the firewall is either turned off, or that you have opened a port...I posted instructions for that a while ago, i will see if i can dig them up


    Ok, actually the instructions were for using Dave through the firewall, but they may still apply. Anyway, you should turn off the firewall (which I am pretty sure is your problem) and try connecting again.

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