Warning that multiple tabs are open.

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Is there a way to get Safari to warn that there are multiple tabs open, so that closing one doesn't close them all? Before upgrading to Mavericks, I used to get that warning.


I read: A work around might be to click History from the Safari menu bar top of your screen. From the drop down menu click Restore All Windows From Last Session.

Unfortunately, Restore All Windows From Last Session is always grayed out and doesn't work.  


What can Apple be thinking when it deletes what is needed?  Every new OS version seems to eliminate things from previous versions. 


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    It's Safari 6 that does this. I liked the warning too.

    If you close a window with multiple tabs, there is an option in History > reopen last closed window that should bring back all the tabs.

    If you quit by accident though, the option to reopen everything from the previous session is a bit hit or miss. If you force quit, it opens them all back up no problem.

    They change their mind a lot with Safari without leaving options. They moved from tabs below to above like Chrome and back again. They used to have expanding width tabs, went to fixed width and then back to expanding. Clear history never used to clear the favicon cache, now it does (maybe they fixed this in a newer version). They changed the web inspector layout and it's such a pain to use now. They moved view page source to the develop menu and shows a different layout, they removed the activity window. The unified URL bar is nice but it interprets everything without a dot as a search so if you have a local link without a dot e.g myhost, it'll do a Google search instead of checking if it's a local server.

    The one thing they did fix was that auto-refresh issue. What is does now is lock up every tab and then politely ask if you want to reload every other tab and you mostly have to anyway but that's still better than auto-reload. Per process tabs should be best in the newest version.
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    The lord (Apple) giveth and the lord taketh away.

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    this doesn't offer help but it does explain a bit about Safari

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