How do feel about the OS X mavericks?

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I've updated the OS X mavericks and feeling not much different at all. Maybe the speed is faster, the iPhoto, and other apps that's said upgraded I just dont feel it.


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    First, I feel great that Apple offers the update for free. I went from Snow Leopard directly to Mavericks so I actually got three updates in one and that for free, which is awesome.


    5 GB download and installation went problem free and seamless on my Mac mini late 2009.


    The few obvious changes I noticed:


    1. Booting up seems to take a little longer than before, but I can live with that.

    2. Using the activity-measuring tool it seems like more RAM is used than before. Will have to see how it affects usage of Final Cut Pro X editing.

    3. It seems to be a little faster/zippier than before for surfing, switching between different virtual desktops..., but not by a much margin.

    4. Changes in the UI: 

    a) Love the new Tagging-feature.

    b) The little direction-arrows in the windows for scrolling are gone, but it's seldom that I used them before, so no harm with them gone.

    c) The scrolling bar is now a simple grey than the flashy blue of before. I'm not yet sure if I like that change.

    5. Mission Control vs Spaces:

    The virtual desktop feature seems similar, will have to play more to see if it's better or worse than Spaces from Snow Leopard.

    6. Maps: Nice to have such a map-feature directly on the desktop, I hope it's accurate, lol!


    Considering that it's three updates in one, the change is not that big from Snow Leopard, but I guess some of the more important changes are under the hood, like the sandboxing of apps or the RAM-compression, which should bring more stability.


    So since it's free and problem free so far, knock on woods, I'm happy.

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    Thank you, this is a brief but complete conclusion. Fantastic.


    I don't know if your macbook has become 2 accounts now, one the previous and one for the Mavricks. Since my original stuff are all in the previous account, I am still using the old one.

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    matt_smatt_s Posts: 300member

    I'm not sure exactly how I feel about 10.9. One thing I find very annoying is Apple's deprecation of USB local sync in iTunes for Macintosh users but complete support for Windows users. Grrrr. Would Steve have allowed this, I wonder?


    I have little philosophical issues with iCloud; I just have noticed that in the past, it slowed my iPhone to a crawl until I turned it off & presto! iOS gets chippy again. I do find it irksome to depend upon an Apple internet system for my Calendar & Contacts syncing when over the years, internet systems have not exactly been Apple's strength nor pride & joy. They have a long and painful history of deleting people's photos, files, and changing all of their horses mid-stream.


    But it's the simple fact that it was Apple who reduced Macintosh user's options while maintaining full sync functionality in Windows. After decades of enduring market marginalization, it's tough to swallow when it's Apple doing the marginalization of their own system.


    The change in the overall look and feel in iOS7 & OSX10.9 appears to me both flat and boringly industrial, and has lost most of it's previous charm and soul, if you will.


    To me, it's not a super-compelling upgrade. But ya get what ya pay for, eh? And it's free...

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    I agree completely with your assessment of the loss of local sync for iCal and Contacts. It's bogus. In fact, I personally find this change INFURIATING, particularly given that my own experience with iCloud has been so DREADFUL. Despite my philosophical misgivings about having all of my contacts and calendar info in the cloud, I went ahead and tried to use the iCloud syncing feature. I ended up with the much discussed "hang" for which there are many attempts at a remedy but none consistent.


    It used to be that Apple's motto was "It just works," and they did a great job of backing it up.


    Now it doesn't just work—t least none with this crucial and FORMERLY SIMPLE feature. 

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    cubitcubit Posts: 846member

    I tried to start a thread on "Tags" vs "Labels"-- losing the latter devastated my visual organization system and there seems to be no solution or way back.  It kept me from " "upgrading" one iMac27 after I mistakenly put Mavericks on my wife's iMac and my several MacBook Pros and Airs.  Brutal...

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