I'm a frustrated and angered user

in Feedback edited January 2014

I had written a lengthy message about my Mavericks experiences for hours throughout  today.  When I went to preview it, I was told I was logged out and had to log in again.  I logged in and found my posting was gone.  And forms come up blank when you access browser history.  I wasted a lot of time and am not sure if I will ever post or even come back again.


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    So, what, you’re angry with Mavericks or Huddler not supporting Mavericks yet?

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    I am actually quite pleased with Mavericks.  I am upset that the forum software Huddler is using doesn't allow someone to log in when they are posting to the forum.  That has nothing to do with Mavericks.

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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    You came back!

    And yes fuddler sucks, and yet for some reason they persist with this abomination.
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