Question On Buying a cellular iPad Mini 2

in iPad edited January 2014

I was wonder if anyone know if one pays full price for the upcoming iPad Mini 2 (Retina) if it is locked or unlocked to the cellular carrier I choice?


When you go online to order one; you must choice a cellular carrier to go with before completing the sales transaction.


I try to find out by calling the customer service of T-Mobile but did not find an acceptable answer as whether it was locked or not?


The people at T-Mobile store said to order it at the T-Mobile website when a release date is known.  But they were not sure if it is locked or not either.


Anyone know?


Or should I buy it in the Apple store and tell them I do not want a commitment?


I guess talking with friends; they feel that it is better to order it from Apple online and have it shipped to the Apple store to pickup and then tell the Apple associate that you want to have an unlocked version when you pay for it.


Has anyone purchase like a LTE version of the iPad4 or Mini and if so is it come unlock if you purchase it for the full price?



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