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alright...I cannot seem to get onto Battle Net on my computer at school. I actually cannot even get to blizzard.com. I can get on fine at my parents or my friend's who both have cable. My guess is that the school has a block on my IP from getting to battle net. I have tried several different ethernet ports, but cannot gain access. I have seen others on there. Even on at least one of the same ports that I tried.

To make a long story short. I'm a mac newbie and need to know how to get a new IP address.


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    Sounds like you have firewall troubles.

    Some of your friends may have found hacks, but I don't know what they are. As for your IP, changing it probably won't help your connection problem unless the Admins specifically blocked battle.net for you. You can restart your computer to try to get a new IP, but unless the server gave your IP out to another computer while you as restarting, you will get the same one. If you have a static IP, ask your net admin for a new one. (He/She probably won't but it will keep them awake.)

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