Controlling external monitor with Open Firmware

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I've been given a lovely G4 PowerBook , 550mhz.

It was dropped and the screen hinges are snapped away, although the cables to the board miraculously survived!

So it boots just fine, the screen display is iffy, though, faded in and out and you have to hold it and jiggle to get a decent output.

So my plan is to connect and external monitor, disconnect the built in screen for good and run it wiht just the external.

It'll make a great MP3 library, internet station to sit ontop of my hifi and under the TV (an apple 15" LCD Studio, has TV input..).

However I can't force it to use the external monitor or at least to force it to mirror.

Can this be done in open firmware?

If so how?.....


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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    It might be possible, but I would need to see a printout of the machine's device tree and aliases to help you.
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