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My order was processed at 5:48am EDT.


My order for the iPad and a case was processed as single order. At 6:39am I received a "Ready for Pickup" email but is was for the case only.


I live 4 miles from the Apple Store. I went there and there are more employees than customers and plenty of iPads but I could not pickup my iPad as it was not yet been "processed" from the online store. Huh? 


Same order, both items are in stock, one is available immediately, the iPad is still not "processed" at 12:52pm EDT.


I'm leaving town at 3pm. My only option if I want to get the iPad for my trip is to cancel my pending order and buy one on site while my credit card has two charges for $900 in play awaiting a formal order cancellation.


Poor, very poor....


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    Something similar happened to me. I ordered at midnight and received an email at 3:30 am that my order was ready, then a text around 10am. I went to the Apple store after work this evening, and was told that my order showed that it was not ready for pick-up. However, an iPad with my name and order number attached was in the back of the store -- they brought it out and showed it to me. An employee spent probably 30 minutes on the phone with someone trying to "push through" the order so it would show it was ready and allow me to get the iPad. However, they only wound up telling him it was a "known issue" and there was nothing they could do but have me go home without the iPad that I'd paid for.


    I spent an hour in the store only to go home empty-handed, but if I hadn't ordered online and just gone into the store to buy one there, I'd have my iPad now. I suggested that I would be willing to cancel my online order and then purchase one in the store -- we tried to do that but the system wouldn't let me cancel the order. It's just in limbo, and they can't tell me when it's going to be fixed! I just have to wait for them to call and let me know I can have it ... whenever that is. The employee who helped me did what he could, and I appreciate that, but it's such a ridiculous situation! I would expect a computer company to be able to figure out a computer glitch like this in order to provide decent customer service.

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